Tera Online Guide: The Basics 

There are a couple of core concepts which you should understand up front. This “Tera Online Guide” will help you.
Keep Going
Additionally, your attacks will miss if you’re aiming at your goal and not in that ability’s variety.

Rage Equals Risk
Creatures have tells, like flashing shifting colours or eyes. This says a beast is enraged, with crits that are larger and more strike power. It is considerably more likely to pursue you until you’re not alive.

Huge Creatures
It’s poor if it’s large.


Gear Up
For peak battle efficacy, gear amount and your character’s degree should be the same. The difference can be cancel by the skills of individual gear and things that are distinct work for different scenarios. Keep an eye on your own things, and update regularly.

Locate it and Fight with it
Click on one to put an orange mark as a waypoint or spawn region in your maps.

Understand Your Job
Your character will be far better as your teammates’ strengths improve your own when you team up.